Suki Berwick – Artist

My current work originates from the country walks I do regularly. This leads to exploring the possibilities of engaging with the idea of encounters. Whatever I come across while out walking and capture my imagination can be the subject of exploration. Typically in abstract and in the way I remember the places and the experiences.

The starting point is the layering of colours and abstract marks that have no meanings. Sometimes I use acrylic colours to begin with and finishing in oil.

The process is one that relies on intuitive decision makings and following up with responses. The paintings evolve through processes of engaging with action and reaction and drawing on the canvas directly. The detailed subject matter is often left to discover or to reveal in the process of making it.

I like it to be flexible with picture making approaches keeping it open to changes and discoveries along the way. I like my surfaces textured and layered working over and again until the effects wanted are achieved.