Suki Berwick – Artist

My current work originates from the country walks I do regularly. This leads to exploring the possibilities of engaging with the idea of encounters. Trees, flowers, the weather, whatever I come across while walking and capture my imagination can be the subject of exploration. Typically abstract in form and the work is about building structures with colour, form texture and layering with interest to creating space.

The starting point is the layering of colours and abstract marks that have no meanings. The process is one that relies on intuitive decision making and following up with responses. The paintings evolve through processes of engaging with action, reaction and sometimes I draw on the canvas directly. Often the subject matter is left to discover or to reveal in the process of making it.

Colour is important but the choice is usually one of intuition rather than having meaning or symbolic value. Through step by step approach and the idea of chance, I aim to create compositional dynamics, energy and rhythm in my work. In this process I am interested in exploring the relationship between perception, memory and experience.